Use with other treatments?

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Use with other treatments?

Postby archivebot » Wed Dec 31, 2014 12:54 pm

by fudda » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:54 am
Could hemp oil be used alongside chemo and or hormone therapy? Or is it best used in isolation?

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Re: Use with other treatments?

Postby Ninini » Sun Sep 01, 2013 11:43 am

We've been using hemp oil in combination with chemo treatment since 6 months now to try and fight advanced gastric cancer.
Our story is a bit different because of our family different members view.
Personally I support oil but the other components not fully, so in the first part of the treatment I've been able to use the oil for 2 moths in a row (till 1/2 a gram per day) and then we reduced it to few drops in order to manage the chemo side-effects.

I will give you two hints then:
the first is by my personal experience (I'm not a doctor this information it has no clinical value) I can tell you that I have not noticed any negative impact on the chemo results (even if RS doesn't support this combination).
On the contrary, doctors (which are not aware of our choices) are positively surprised by the results she is having.
She passed from the impossibility to digest her own gastric juice to have a full lunch (several days) and she's not puking anymore.
This week she will take her first complete exam (after 12 chemos) to understand if she can go to surgery and remove the tumor left, which by the way at the beginning was not possible to be surged.
Moreover we learned that starting with few drops she is able to manage MUCH better the chemo side-effects (nausea, cramps, weakness, vomit).
Without hemp she would have suffered tremendously, while we experienced really limited cases of deep pain.

The second hit which I strongly recommend to all the people who are reading me is to always have a look to, which is the worldwide medical trial/study database.
You can find a lot of information related to interactions between cannabinoids an chemo types.
Because for the different types of cancer you get a different chemo (e.g. 5FU).
Many times those are trials but anyway it is at list a sound check.
I will give you an example: I'm helping my mother with hemp and curcuma (sporadically) in combination with chemo.
First of all on pubmed you can read that curcuma is empowered by hemp you have to be careful to the reaction.
Secondly both curcuma and hemp may have a positive interaction with 5FU and Carboplatin (empowering the apoptosis mechanism and reverse (curcuma) the cancer cell resistance to chemo).
BUT: if you have breast cancer you should use curcuma because of negative interaction with the breast cancer chemo treatment.

What does it mean this:
before doing anything, take your time to read carefully all the information you can get from trusted sources and never rely 100% on forums.
If you are helping somebody else and not yourself directly you are taking into account the responsibility of his / her health so be wise and don't panic, take some hours / days to improve your knowledge.

Again remember that this is just an hint and I'm not a doctor.

Said this, hope the best for you and good luck.

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Re: Use with other treatments?

Postby Ninini » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:01 am
Apologies but I need a correction for a typo.
BUT: if you have breast cancer you SHOULDN'T use curcuma because of negative interaction with the breast cancer chemo treatment.

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Re: Use with other treatments? No Thanks.

Postby Ninini » Wed Dec 11, 2013 12:45 pm
Hello everybody,

After some months from the first post I'm here again with a sort of answer about this, for me, important question.
As usual, everything I'm going to mention here has no clinical value because I'm not a doctor and this is just the result of my studies.
Another thing to mention is that most of the studies on which I base my thinking have been done on animals and not yet on humans.
This because, even if is full of studies which demonstrate the validity of this cure, seems there is nobody available to start the clinical trial process.Strangely.
What I learnt is that the oil has some properties that may be beneficial alone but not if combined with chemo.
Actually now I have to say that, in my opinion, it is not very cleaver or safe to go for RSO and other chemo treatments at the same time.
In the previous post I was describing the several benefits due to the oil in relieve of chemo side effects like vomit, cramps, nausea and weakness.
Which was very true and it still is.
It is true also that enhances some chemo apoptotic effects against cancer.
Additionally, even alone has (overexpressing receptor CB1-2) cancer cell apoptosis effects through some complex mechanisms like "ceramide over retention" and "caspase-3".
Finally hemp oil or better saying cannabinoids have a very powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the human body.
This is due to an impairments caused to the white bodies locking them the ability to produce inflammatory substances.
This is the weapon through with, some types of white bodies, kill external pathogens like bacterias, virus or toxic substances.
This, on the other side, prevent to activate one of the most infamous trick of the cancer, which educates white bodies to produce inflammatory response to promote cancer growth.
This response has two side effects: firstly sends proliferation signal to the cancer cells, and secondly stimulate the vascular growth factor (food for the cancer).
Until here, if everything one day will be officially confirmed, I think that we can easily say that we are in front of one of the most powerful anti-cancer treatment ever known. Nature rules.

Unfortunately when you do chemo you are doing nothing that injecting toxins into your body which furthermore kills your white cells.
Only this, unfortunately, in some, not rare cases can lead to death by infection.
So if we now combine RSO we will for sure do all the things we said above but, unfortunately will evenly prevent the white body responses to the chemo toxicity against normal cells, through the interleukin inhibition.
This mix, in my opinion can lead to a serious infection which can causes death.
This is way I would not use the two in combination.

P.S. Curcumin and hemp oil have the majority of the anti-cancer properties in common (apoptosis, anti-angiogensis, anti-proliferation, anti-inflammatory).
This means that we given together they enhance reciprocally their effects.
Especially the blood thinner property (anti-angiogenesis) can lead to internal bleeding.
This makes me thing that also the combination with this two is not promoted.
The same concept is applicable to Avastin, which has more or less the same action.

I'm not sure, but I hope that this can be useful for somebody.

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Re: Use with other treatments?

Postby drchen054 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:59 am
Thank you Ninini for for a very detailed explanation. Donald Abrahms of UCSF has also confirmed that CD4 and CD8 white blood cell levels rising after THC/CBD combinations; so it is an effective immunostimulant (used effective in HIV case studies). I cannot say for sure, but even though it may inhibit white body responses in one way, perhaps it will compensate in another due to increased white blood cells?

Overall I agree with you though. After some experiences with patients and reading Rick's experiences (Nature's Answers For Cancer e-book), I am cautiously suspecting that Chemo can actually COUNTER the hemp oil's effects to a very significant degree in most cases.

Btw. Ninini, given curcumin's powerful effects, I WOULD still add some curcumin to a hemp oil treatment especially in the earlier stages as the dosage of hemp is still low. I have seen people take up to 2.5 grams of Rick Simpson oil without ill effect despite your concerns of too much anti-angiogenesis, etc. Thus 1 gram of hemp and half a teaspoon(?) of curcumin should not cause ill effect.(I would have to find the proper dosage of the latter). The reason I am saying all this is because hemp is really expensive as it is.. If you can find a proper booster, I would not be too shy about it.

There was this one time when I thought anti-angiogenic compounds should not be given to post-surgery patients for the same reason as pregnant women(stops new formation of healing/growing vessels), but he took hemp oil anyway and healed up just fine! This is my hunch that I would explore cautiously.. but I think these plants actually boost the body in so many ways, that the negative effects are not significant in megadoses. My beliefs are partially in the spiritual/bio-evolutionary aspect of plants, and I think these are very healing spirits that have evolved with animals over millions of years.

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